Me, Me, Me You, You, You: reach your customers with evocative content

Follow the principles of face-to-face communication and engage your customers through evocative content.

A craving to be appreciated

One of the world’s most influential philosophers, Dr William James (1842-1910), said that the deepest principle in human nature is the craving to be appreciated. If we fully understand how this emotion affects us in our business lives, we can adapt our behaviour to achieve greater productivity. It isn’t always easy to put cognition in charge of emotion, but if we’re to manage it at all, we have to be aware of what we, and others, are feeling.

Me, me, me

There’s nothing quite so bewitching as talking about oneself. Interviews, medical consultations, and about me presentations are charged with a narcissistic thrill. Even filling in a form can evoke a frisson of excitement.

Picture an everyday scene: you’re working, or eating, or chatting to a friend, or cuddling a loved one … and you hear that ping, or ring, or ding of an email, text message, social media notification, or phone call. What do you do?

Most of us can’t resist a peep, just to see who is paying us attention.

Have we been noticed for our razor-sharp wit? … Is our hard work is being praised? … Does another friend desire our company?

Our appetite for appreciation is huge. We’re just so greedy.

You, you, you

It’s the same for everyone. So when you meet someone for the first time, ask lots of questions; be attentive and show interest. Your commitment to the conversation will make you more memorable than people who rabbit on about themselves, wasting opportunities to make a good impression by opting for a self-absorbed monologue.

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